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Taco Platter for 5

Taco Platter for 5

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Our Taco Platter comes with five taco slices with a topping of your choice, Jack Cheese (For Non-Vegan Toppings), Pico De Gallo salsa, Sour Cream and Iceberg Lettuce. Does not contain gluten as an ingredient.

Peperation Time

Our orders are prepared with at least 24 hours notice, for extremely large orders feel free to contact us through our contact page


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    Spice up your event with the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine! From zesty tacos to mouthwatering enchiladas and fresh guacamole, we bring the authentic taste of Mexico to your special occasion.

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    Our dishes are a labor of love, crafted with traditional recipes and
    authentic ingredients. From our delicious tortillas to slow-cooked
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